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Status Reports: In the Status Reports section, you can view: 1. The questionnaire answered by families belonging to the Registry ("Questions Families Are Answering"),  2. Summary data derived from this questionnaire ("Snapshots of Registry Data"), 3. Complete instructions on using the Registry ("Detailed Instructions for Researchers"), and 4. The status of any of your Requests ("My Report Status").
Requests: Requests enable you to utilize Registry Functionality, such as inquiring about Registry data or having the Registry announce your study to families. To create a new Request, click the "Actions" button in the upper right. This takes you to a page for filling out a Request Form. Requests do not need to be completed in one sitting. Requests-in-progress will be listed under the header below "To Complete", while completed requests will be listed under a (newly appearing) header "Requests".
Please note that once you activate a Request it becomes "due".  If you created a Request two days ago, you will see a message that says "due two days ago".  Although the system notes a due date, there is no time frame in which you must submit a request.  Please complete them at your convenience.
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